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How It Works

The Westbrook Muster is the largest invitation-only muster in the world, with 40 corps annually invited. We also have several rotational slots for corps that are not annually invited that wish to attend.


To receive a rotational slot, your corps must request an invitation between the previous years muster and March 1. All requests will be reviewed, and selected corps will receive an invitation.


Please note, if you receive a rotational slot, you do not become an annually invited corps. You must submit a request annually.


Invitations are sent to all invited corps in April, and muster lineup is determined by response order.

While only invited corps may go on stand to perform, any corps is invited to march in our parade. Simply fall in line after the last corps on our official muster line up.

Request an Invite

You may request an invite for the 2024 Westbrook Muster between August 27, 2023, and March 1, 2024.

Thanks! Your corps will be contacted.

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